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Sarvis Heating and Cooling



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Sarvis Heating & Cooling, LLC is a  full-service HVAC  company  in the Aurora, Indiana area.  We offer 
residential and commercial heating and air conditioning service for all makes and  models. We are a
dealer and provide installation and maintenance  for
Westinghouse products.

No guess work estimates or shot in the dark troubleshooting (also known as "parts changing" searching for a fix).
Sarvis Heating & Cooling, LLC is a results-focused mechanical contractor professional. With experience from multiple
 mechanical backgrounds,  we combine expert maintenance and  construction  skills with a solid
grounding in mechanical engineering.



  Be comfortable when you're home. Save money
  when you're not.

  Not only are our home energy solutions easy to use but they
  also help you  save money and are designed to fit your lifestyle.
  No wonder 96% of our customers would recommend ecobee to
  their friends!  Check out the smart Thermostat



You can save with our maintenance programs


Learn more about our professional staff at Sarvis Heating and Cooling, LLC.


Residential/Commercial Heating & Air Conditioning


Commercial Refrigeration and Kitchen equipment




Light Plumbing/Electrical


Full Facility Maintenance





Stay cool and comfortable with  our Certified Technicians


Commercial kitchens have special needs and requirements


Geothermal heat pumps sometimes referred to as GeoExchange, earth-coupled, ground-source, or water-source heat pumps


Water Heaters, Water Softeners,
Lighting Fixtures



20+ years of highly qualified workmanship

Fact:  What is a “ton?” Ton is the cooling capacity power of the central air conditioner or heat pump. The contractor
determines  the proper capacity for a home based on the load requirements to satisfy the home’s cooling needs.
Where indicated above, certain products may be limited to specific unit tons that qualify for the federal tax credit
 requirements. It is important that a system is selected based on the required capacity.

We are proud to buy Made In
USA tools and replacement parts!




Sarvis Heating & Cooling, LLC





We also provide Geothermal services. We service all
 makes of geothermal products and we specialize in the
 installation of
Bard Geothermal products. We can provide
 open loop (pond) or closed loop installations.

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